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About Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services

Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services, LLC is a nationally accredited, CLIA-certified toxicology laboratory dedicated to giving healthcare providers the clinical data they need to effectively treat patients who suffer pain or addiction.
Using the finest instrumentation, the company provides easy-to-interpret, clinically relevant, and precise laboratory results to help physicians and other clinicians provide optimum patient care. Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services, LLC was founded for physicians, by physicians who firmly believe (despite the intended humor) that “there is a person behind that urine.”

While many labs provide reports, we understand exactly how a patient’s treatment and well-being is affected by what we do. We also understand that you, the provider, need a trusted partner in the care of your patients. You need a partner who understands both the intricacies of pain management and addiction as well as the importance of testing to your practice. We do.
Our equipment and processes are as excellent as our people. Our equipment includes LC/MS instrumentation requiring as little as 1ml of urine to complete testing. Results go through a stringent evaluation process to ensure accuracy.
You will receive rapid results with customized tests and panels built around your needs. Our highly skilled, responsive staff can create special reports for your interpretation. Our clinicians and scientists can help you interpret results when you wish. Should you have a disputed claim, retesting is typically available and a disputed result report will be sent to your office. Test results and reports are available via several methods.

Our experience is essential. Jonathan and Joel Morton, the founders of Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services, LLC, have worked in the medical and healthcare arena for more than 20 years. As CEO of a national workers’ compensation pharmacy, Summit Pharmacy, Inc., Jonathan Morton is an expert on assembling the best lab testing environment available. As a medical provider, Joel Morton, DO, ensures that patients remain central in the lab-testing process and that providers’ needs remain high priority.

Let us prove what we say. Please consider Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services, LLC for all of your toxicology needs.