Why Choose Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services for your COVID-19 Testing Needs?

COVID testing is crucial, whether you are vaccinated or not. Many people remain vulnerable to COVID-19, and if you’re feeling sick, you could be putting those around you at risk. Phoenix Toxicology and Lab Services provides fast and accurate results that will let you know whether or not you currently have COVID-19.

Getting Tested:
Phoenix Toxicology and Lab Services performs a comprehensive RT-PCR COVID‑19 test.
We provide fast and accurate results within 24-48 hours. Results will be sent via secure email or delivered through our online portal.


We provide results in
24-48 hours.


We use the latest technology
and advances in COVID testing
techniques to provide a high
degree of accuracy.


We adhere to strict safety
and infection control

What Do I Have to Pay?

Phoenix Toxicology and Lab Services offers cost effective COVID-19 testing for patients,
which means that there is no out of pocket cost for the test for patient with insurance.  

For employers wishing to test their staff, we offer low cost COVID-19 routine
testing options to help keep your staff safe and secure.

Cash pay price for COVID-19 testing is $125.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a COVID-19 test?
A RT-PCR COVID-19 test identifies current infections by detecting proteins specific to SARS‑CoV‑2 on the virus’s surface. The collection is designed to make each patient comfortable and convenient through a quick and non-invasive nasal swab.

Who should receive a COVID-19 test?
You should schedule a COVID test if you experience any of the following symptoms: loss of taste or smell, fever, chills, fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing, muscle aches. You should also receive a test if you have come within 6 feet of someone who has recently tested positive.